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What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is website hosting with a focus on WordPress. Managed WordPress hosting provides a fully optimised cloud hosting platform for WordPress that always works and means no external input from you is needed to make sure your WordPress website runs fast, is kept up-to-date, and is always online.

Managed WordPress hosting gives you the ability to focus on what you do best, design and build beautiful websites in WordPress.

Why Choose Managed WordPress Hosting?

We all know as WordPress developers, when launching a website you need to develop on a testing area, copy it to the live hosting and then optimise for deployment. 

You then need to setup a staging area for testing updates, and also put a plan in place to keep up with plugin, theme and core updates. This is all whilst making sure the site is performing well.

This all needs to be done before new paying work can be received from the client, and if there is ever any issue, you're at fault if their site is not working correctly, sometimes causing clients to hold their payment at ransom until it's fixed.

With WPOwl's managed hosting we streamline this whole process for you to make launching WordPress websites fast and easy. Our management teams keep sites fast, always up, and provide support when needed.

WordPress with automatic updates

The Fastest WordPress Hosting

24/7 Support, Managed By Experts, Trusted By Agencies Everywhere. 100% Uptime Guarantee & Hassle Free. Free Site Migration & Plugin Stack Optimisation.


Why Choose WPOwl?

Our Managed WordPress hosting takes the hassle out launching WordPress websites, you should only be doing what you do best, design beautiful WordPress websites, let us handle the rest for you.

With over 12 years of experience in WordPress web hosting, WPOwl is the perfect choice for launching your WordPress blog / website, 

The Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting

Our bespoke managed WordPress hosting has been built from the ground up for performance. We have developed our systems to run WordPress as fast and securely as possible, using the latest hosting technologies such as PHP 7.3, NGINX, MariaDB & WP-CLI.

Our Data Centre is provided by DigitalOcean, a cloud server provider that has an outstanding uptime record. Our managed services and control panel are provided on top of their amazing platform.

All of our cloud hosting is offered on blazing fast SSD disks to provide the fastest possible hosting service.

All of our managed WordPress hosting is deployed on Ubuntu virtual private servers, this allows us to offer a 100% up-time SLA as websites can be hot-swapped to working hardware in case of any issues.

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WordPress with an easy to use control panel

A Control Panel Built For WordPress

Our control panel is so much better than cPanel! Our control panel allows you to  manages plugin, theme and core updates, as well as view live monitoring of the performance and availability of your website. Your able to perform automated tasks to help keep your WordPress site as fast as possible. The average WordPress website loads in under 0.6 second with our systems.

Our custom developed control panel allows you to manage your site deployments with tools such as our transfer tool, which allows you to copy in a site from a remote hosting location, staging management allowing you to copy your live site to staging and back for testing, backup management, phpMyAdmin, Plugin, Theme & WordPress user management, cache management and much more.


Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Our uptime claims are backed by our excellent SLA

Don't just take our words as idle promises, every account WordPress website hosted by us is backed by a full account credit SLA - we're so confident that our services won't fail, that we'll credit your account for any downtime.

Quick, zero downtime WordPress migrations

If you're moving an existing WordPress website to us, why not let us take the pain out of the process? One of our experienced team will handle the migration for you, ensuring your website stays online throughout the process, so your visitors will never know!

24/7/365 Support from a team with a WordPress background

We believe that every member of our support team should not only understand web hosting, but also be a WordPress expert, and they are! If you have an issue with your website, our team are on-hand night and day to resolve it.

Custom built platform with tailored performance for WordPress

At WPOwl we've tailored our server technology specifically for WordPress, that means we can get the best out of every website, from speed, to stability and security. Running the latest NGINX, PHP-FPM and MariaDB versions means we're always fully patched and secure.

Industry Standard Security

If you're looking for Managed WordPress hosting that complies with PCI requirements, you're in the right place - if your scan returns any issues, simply send us the report and a member of our team will resolve the fails so that you can pass with flying colours!

Easy to use staging platform

Making theme changes or updating core plugins can be daunting. Our simple to use staging platform allows you to copy your live website and test your changes, or new site build, without affecting your live site. When you're ready, simply click to copy to live and our system will migrate it for you, instantly!

Extremely competetive pricing

Don't be fooled by our low cost - we firmly believe that our services should be accessible to everyone, and that's why our pricing is almost 1/3 of our main competitors! Don't worry though, we've not cut any corners, we've passed on some of our profits so that you can enjoy our low pricing.

Automated WordPress core, theme and plugin updates

Our Managed WordPress hosting system will update your WordPress core, themes and plugins every night, usually when you're in bed asleep! However, we understand that not everyone wants this, so you can disable the updates quickly and easily.

Automatic Off-Site backups

Our management system takes a full backup of your website files and database every night, and saves them off-site should you need to restore. We keep 7 days of backups as standard, with the option to extend this to 30, 60, and 90 days.

Uptime Monitoring

We don't just monitor our own services for uptime, we monitor every single individual website that we host for key services such as httpd, mysql and server load, so if there's an issue, our system will attempt to resolve it and then notify our team if that fails

The Best Managed WordPress Hosting from WPOwl

Our WordPress hosting packages are designed to help your business no matter the size. All of our hosting packages are provided on cloud based servers with a 100% uptime SLA. If you ever run into an issue, or have any queries, you can speak to one of UK based support team, day or night, all year round.


- 1CPU Core
- 10GB Disk Space
- No Transfer Limit
- Free SSL Certificates
- 100% Uptime SLA


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- 2CPU Cores
- 20GB Disk Space
- No Transfer Limit
- Free SSL Certificates
- 100% Uptime SLA


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- 4CPU Cores
- 40GB Disk Space
- No Transfer Limit
- Free SSL Certificates
- 100% Uptime SLA


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Online Store

- 8CPU Cores
- 80GB Disk Space
- No Transfer Limit
- Free SSL Certificates
- 100% Uptime SLA


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