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Welcome to WPOwl, the best in Managed WordPress hosting... No, really, we're really good at what we do, let us tell you why.


Our pricing is extremely competitive compared to other players in the Managed WordPress Hosting market. In fact, our pricing is better than some standard web hosting packages at other companies! However, price should not be the top factor when choosing a WordPress host, so what else do we have to offer?

Fully Tailored, Non-Generic Hosting

Our Managed WordPress packages run on a fully tailored web stack, we've ensured every piece of software, and every configuration is fully optimised to run specifically WordPress, we're not like other website hosts who will put your website on a shared webserver running a generic configuration. Every single website is contained on it's very own virtual server, with it's own resources and configurations.

Custom Built Control Panel

We've built our managed wordpress hosting Control Panel from the ground up - concentrating on the features you want and need, rather than using a standard hosting control panel with hundreds of features that are useless, and slow down the servers.

WPOwl Control Panel for managed WordPress hosting

Free Staging Environment for Every Site

Every website package comes with it's on staging environment - a simple click of a button will see your live website copied over to the staging platform for you to test out changes - whether you're looking to build a completely fresh website, or just try out a troublesome plugin update, you can do it without fear of breaking your live website.

Once you're ready to go live, simply visit the staging page within my.wpowl and click on the button to push your staging website live - it's all completely automated and takes less than a couple of minutes!

An Expert Team

Perhaps one of the most valuable, but overlooked aspects of a webhosting account, is the team in the background who run the services, and those who handle any support queries you may have.

Our team have worked with WordPress since it's very early days, and know it inside out, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that if anything does go wrong, we're here to help, day and night.

Automated Backups

Our Managed WordPress Control Panel will show you a list of the latest backups in a simple to use calendar format. You can choose to take a fresh backup at any point, or restore the files, or database (or both, of course!) from any date within the past week, all at a click of a button.

If you need to store a longer range of backups, we have that option too!

URL Standardisation

Having various versions of your website indexed in Google can be a real nightmare, but our control panel takes the pain out of ensuring your website uses the same URL structure throughout.

Whether you want to serve your website over https or http, or you'd prefer to use www. for all URLS rather than just your domain name, a simple toggle of a switch is all it takes, once you enable or disable https or www mode, our system will not only reconfigure the webserver to ensure those links are always served, it will also update your WordPress database to ensure every image, post and menu item uses it too.

Switchable Caching

Turn server side caching on and off with a toggle of a switch, and clear the cache with a click of a button.

Caching is an excellent way to speed up your website, which isn't only great for visitors to your website, but also to search engines - fast loading websites tend to perform better in Google Search results than websites which take a long time to load.

Much, much more

From free SSL certificates, to free migration of your website by a member of our team, to specialist WordPress optimisation options to improve your Google PageSpeed Insights rank and GTMetrix ranking, we have many features that you may not even think about when choosing a host - they all have something in common - they're simple to use, work well, and don't require any prior knowledge from you!

What are you waiting for, sign up today - if you're not completely happy with our service, get in touch within 30 days and we'll refund you, what more could you ask for?


Neil Skoglund
Avid WordPress fan and founder of WPOwl - home of the best managed WordPress hosting. Neil has 3 passions in life,  coding, guitars & family.

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