What Is A cPanel?

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The cPanel is an online Linux-based graphical interface (GUI) used to ease website and server management as a control panel. You can publish websites, manage domains, organise web files, create email accounts, and more through cPanel.

One of the most common control panels in the United States is cPanel. As part of their hosting kit, many web hosting businesses supply cPanel to clients.

There are two interfaces for cPanel, a user interface called cPanel and a Web Host Manager (WHM) server management interface. This combination enables users to control the website and provides hosting providers with server management software.

Is cPanel Free?

As it is a third-party service, cPanel is not free. However, at no extra cost, most hosting providers provide cPanel in their hosting plans. For the first year, there are several providers that will offer cPanel free of charge, and then charge a fee for subsequent years.

cPanel raised its rates in 2019 and several web hosting companies are considering moving from cPanel to other control panels of the website.

Is cPanel Private?

Yes, your account with cPanel is private. Make sure to keep your username and password secure if you are a website owner. This is important for keeping the details and settings of your website secure.

How to Login to cPanel

You can log in to cPanel using your browser's address bar. Press the address of your website, followed by a colon, then 2083. It will look like this: https:/yoursite.com:2083 to reach your cPanel.

By typing in /cpanel after your website address, you can also log in to your cPanel. If you were to log into your cPanel using this form, it would look like this: https:/yoursite.com/cpanel.

Instead, you can use the IP address if you have a new website and the DNS records have not yet been propagated on the server. It will look something like this to access your cPanel over IP: https:/10.10.10:2083.

Choose your language from the list at the bottom of the cPanel login screen if you need the cPanel gui to appear in another language.

You can find it helpful to bookmark your cPanel page before logging into the cPanel, so you can quickly return to it later.

Enter your username and password once you are on the cPanel login screen and press the Log In button. After that, you are guided to the control panel of your website, where you can see all the settings.

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