What Is A Internet Hosting Service?

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If a server is completely operational and uses the Internet to provide its services, then it is stated that an Internet hosting service is offered by this server. This is truly an umbrella term because, regardless of its intent, it refers to any server that is connected to the Internet. And since different servers are configured to carry out various tasks, it is possible to identify disparate activities such as website hosting, game server hosting, and even home server hosting as Internet hosting services.

We should note at this stage that an Internet hosting provider is distinct from an Internet Service Provider (ISP). An Internet Service Provider provides you with an Internet connexion only and does not have any impact on what resources are available to you online. Internet hosting companies, on the other hand, make available web services to someone who already has an Internet connexion with an ISP.

What Types of Internet Hosting Services Are There?

There are several different tasks performed by Internet-connected servers and, as a result, there are quite a few Internet hosting services. We will list some of the most noteworthy services you might already be using below:

  • Website hosting 
  • Email hosting 
  • DNS hosting 
  • Database hosting 
  • File hosting 
  • Video hosting 
  • Audio hosting 
  • Image hosting 
  • Game hosting 
  • Home server hosting

A lot of Internet hosting services are very closely related, as you may have noticed. So, it makes sense that, instead of one-off offerings, many service providers opt to sell Internet hosting service bundles. A web hosting company, for example, is likely to provide web, email, file, and DNS hosting as a single package. That way, you get all the tools required to publish a website successfully. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter also provide a simultaneous image, audio, video, and file hosting, so you can share any piece of content without any problems.

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