What Is A Uptime?

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Uptime is the indicator of the uninterrupted time that is encountered by a hosting device. Uptime will preferably be 100% (i.e. zero downtime), but this is incredibly difficult to achieve in the real world.

In layman’s terms, Uptime is the sum of hours a server runs that is usable that is the opposite of downtime.

H2: Why Is Uptime Important?

Uptime is crucial because it means your hosting is available. If your site is not open, then this will obviously have a negative effect on your business. Your website will not be used by customers and potential customers, so you can lose sales. Emails should not be sent or received. Google could see that your website is inaccurate, and your rating is negatively affected by this.

How Is Uptime Calculated?

Uptime is measured on the basis of the number of hours during a given period of time that the device (server) is available and is expressed as a percentage.

Annual uptime, for instance, is determined as follows:

Number of hours or uptime divided by Number of hours per year multiplied by 100.

Let's check out an example. We know there are 365 days a year, so there is a total of 365 x 24 = 8760 hours in terms of hours.

If there were 4 hours of downtime every year, then that would mean 8756 hours of uptime (i.e. 8760 hours minus 4 hours of downtime) would be available. The equation, then, would be:

(8756 / 8760) x 100 = 99.95%

So, in this case the uptime is 99.95%

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