What Is A WordPress Theme?

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A theme in WordPress is a series of models and stylesheets used to describe a WordPress driven website's appearance and display.

Under Appearance » Themes, they can be updated, handled, and added from the WordPress admin field. Some free and paid WordPress themes are available. In their Themes Directory, WordPress.org has a wide set of free ones.

Each comes with a distinct style, layout, and characteristics. A consumer needs to select the one for their website that fits their taste and requirements. There are others that are intended to support websites of particular types, e.g. For photographers and photography websites, WordPress Photography Themes are built.

They can be changed by adding plugins to the functions.php file or by adding code to it. Changes may be made in the form of a theme for children as well. In addition to images and JavaScript files, themes usually consist of three components. The three sections are the style.css file, the design files for WordPress, and the optional functions.php file that allows improvements to the theme to be made. Each theme must have a unique file called style.css. This does not mean that the styles will not be the same, but rather that you would have problems during installation if the identifying information in the header needs to be different. If it is not a child theme, then at least an index.php template file must also be used to monitor the display of content.

Free vs Paid WordPress Themes

You can select from over a thousand free themes from the WordPress Theme Directory or invest in premium or paid themes like our own iThemes Creator, just like WordPress plugins.

Like those of premium plugins, the benefits of premium themes are Premium themes typically have a stable code base and, if anything goes wrong, provide assistance.

Some premium themes, such as Builder, work more like applications for web design, enabling you to design and develop your own theme templates and page layouts.

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