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Godaddy is unarguably one of, if not the largest hosting company in the world - but is bigger always better? We don't think so! So, let's take a look at how we at WPOwl compare to this giant in the industry.

There are arguments for and against going for the bigger or smaller company, but we feel that the larger the company, the more faceless it becomes.

Over the years, we've come to realise that the personal touch goes a long way to providing an excellent customer experience - as a customer of WPOwl, you'll get to know the team and recognise them when you make contact, not only that, all of our team are based in the UK and are experts in WordPress, you won't receive a generic response from us on any issue or queries you may be having!

Now, let's get into it and start out with a price comparison.

How does WPOwl Pricing compare to GoDaddy's Managed WordPress Pricing?

Whilst GoDaddy have various packages (one of which is cheaper than ours, but lacks features), we'll take a look at the 2 comparable packages - one which matches our pricing, and one which matches our features.

For the purposes of this comparison we're going to be going with our Solo package which is £9.99 per month per site.

Over at GoDaddy, there are 2 comparable options - their "Deluxe" package at £9.99 per month per site, and their "Ultimate" package at £13.99 per month. It is also worth noting that at the time of writing, these prices are only available at GoDaddy when paying annually, which makes it less affordable for many people.

WPOwl Solo package vs GoDaddy Ultimate package

With pricing coming in at £9.99 per month, per site for both of these packages (albeit, GoDaddy require you to pay 1 year upfront to achieve the £9.99 price point), these packages match in price, but how do they fare in terms of features?

  • We offer a FREE SSL certificate on every package, for every site - GoDaddy do not offer Free SSL on their Ultimate package, if you want free SSL on GoDaddy you'll need to stump up a minimum of £13.99 per month per site.
  • We offer unlimited visitors on every package, GoDaddy say the Ultimate package is good for "Up to" 100k, at which point you'll need to upgrade.
  • We offer hack/malware removal as part of our service - GoDaddy Unlimited do not

Dedicated Server Node / IP address?

Here at WPOwl, every single website we host is given it's own server node (we like to call it a nest, where your website can grown - but you're more likely to know of it as a VPS) - what that means for you is, your website will have it's own, fully dedicated IP address and will not share any server resources.

GoDaddy's offerings are on a shared platform and therefore you will share the server resources, and of course the IP address with other users - whilst this isn't always a problem, it does mean that if anyone on the same server as you over at GoDaddy does anything malicious (hacking, phishing etc) the server's IP reputation will be low, and may affect you.

Service Level Agreement

Here at WPOwl we offer an unbeatable (no, really!) SLA. We Guarantee 100% Uptime, or we'll credit your account, which effectively means you'll get free hosting! Of course, we do have a couple of caveats, such as scheduled maintenance not counting, but aside from that, what you see is what you get!

Whilst it isn't widely publicised, GoDaddy's SLA is 99.9%, and if they do fall short, they will reimburse you for the time that your website was down, however, that means if your website is costing you £9.99 per month, that means a whopping 24 hours of downtime would only give you a 33pence refund!

Want to move from GoDaddy?

Our automated migration system means that all you need to do is sign up with us, then fill out your FTP details, our system will do the rest! In the unlikely event that there are any issues, a member of our team will step in and complete your migration, same-day, absolutely free of charge.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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WPOwl vs GoDaddy - A WordPress hosting feature and price comparisonWPOwl vs GoDaddy - A WordPress hosting feature and price comparisonWPOwl vs GoDaddy - A WordPress hosting feature and price comparison