WPOwl Vs WPEngine

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Over the past few years, WPEngine have become one of the better known Managed WordPress hosting companies, with 9 years under their belt, and a large marketing budget, it's clear to see where their success has come from.

Whilst WPOwl are a relatively new company by name, the team behind the scenes have been working with WordPress since it's inception, as developers, designers, and of course, hosts.

In terms of features, WPOwl and WPEngine are quite similar, however, we are always working on or discussing new features, and if there's a good reason to have a feature, and it'll make your life easier as our customer, or will improve your usage experience in some way, we'll always look to implement it.

Before we get into the features, let's take a look at one of the bigger differences - pricing.

Price differences between WPOwl and WPEngine

Here at WPOwl we pride ourselves in our simple, effective, and more importantly, affordable pricing structure.

With our solo package pricing of £9.99 per month per site and no hidden extras, there's no confusion over what you'll be paying or what features you get for your money.

Over at WPEngine, their pricing starts out at $35 per month per site (or slightly less if you pay a year up front) which works out at just under £27 per month per site at time of writing - that's 3 times more expensive!

For an additional comparison, if you hosted 15 websites with us here at WPOwl you would pay £149.85 per month, whilst over at WPEngine on their 15 site package, it would be £220 per month - almost £100 per month more expensive, that £100 extra would get you an additional 10 websites here at WPOwl!

WPOwl's features vs WPEngine's features

As mentioned previously, the features we offer are very similar to those of WPEngine - we don't mind admitting that WPEngine have a good feature set, and whilst we've not copied them, we do share a lot of them.

Our implementation of some features are different, and we've custom coded every single feature from the ground up to be as user-friendly, fast, and efficient as possible.

Let's take a look at a few features and differences.

Base Package Stats

First of all, let's take a look at the base package stats/allowances - for the purposes of this guide, we're comparing our packages to WPEngine's "startup" package which is $35 per month, this is their lowest priced package and is roughly 3 times the cost of WPOwl's Managed WordPress Hosting package.

  • Disk Space: WPOwl offer 25GB space / WPEngine offer 10GB space
  • Visitors: WPOwl have no restrictions / WPEngine offer 25,000
  • Bandwidth: WPOwl have no restrictions / WPEngine offer 50GB

As you can see, the base package stats and pricing are both better here at WPOwl, but how do the features compare?

Dedicated VPS Node?

Here at WPOwl, every single website is given it's own Nest to live in - that is, we put every individual website on it's own private server node, that means that the resources we allocate to you are yours alone, no other website is placed on that node.

Our understanding of the WPEngine system is that it is a managed shared hosting platform, so whilst they do allocate you resources, it is from a larger pool on a shared hosting server, so other websites can use more CPU or Memory, effectively slowing down every other website on the server.

100% SLA

Here at WPOwl we're so confident in our service uptime, that we offer a 100% service level agreement - if your website is offline for any period of time, and it is our fault, we will compensate you by way of account credit, the longer your website is down, the more credit we apply - but you'll never need it!

WPEngine's Service Level agreement is 99.95% on normal products, and they also offer 99.99% on enhanced SLA products, although we were unable to confirm the cost of this.

Dedicated IP address?

WPOwl's Nest structure means that every individual package is given it's own IP address, nobody else uses that IP address, and the only other website which will use it is your staging site, if you choose to have one!

We attempted to find WPEngine's stance on dedicated IP addresses, but apart from using their dedicated server option (very expensive) we were unable to find any other way - that, coupled by their recent posts giving reasons why you don't need an IP address (rather than the benefits of having one) would suggest that it is not possible on their standard packages.

Common Features between WPOwl and WPEngine

We previously mentioned that we share a lot of features - some of the most requested and useful features are listed below - unless mentioned otherwise, both companies offer these features.

  • Free SSL certificates
  • Choose your PHP Version
  • Automated staging area
  • Free migration
  • Automated downloadable/restorable backups
  • 24/7 customer support
  • sFTP/SSH access
  • WordPress CLI access
  • Automatic Plugin/Core/Theme updates

These are just a selection of features, and of course there are many many more.

Are you an existing WPEngine customer who's interested in giving us a try? Why not get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements with you - if you choose to give us a go and aren't completely happy, just let us know within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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WPOwl vs WPEngine - A WordPress hosting feature and price comparisonWPOwl vs WPEngine - A WordPress hosting feature and price comparisonWPOwl vs WPEngine - A WordPress hosting feature and price comparison