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Why Do I Need A SSL Certificate?

Our managed WordPress hosting comes with free SSL certificates, using an SSL certificate has a range of benefits, from improved visitor trust, to better search engine rankings, as well as keeping data transmitted between your website and your visitors more secure.

Gain Customer Trust

Websites which are protected by an SSL certificate will show up in your web browser as secure, the padlock icon will show and let your visitors know that you are protected by SSL encryption, this is likely to make them trust you more than a website which is served over http and shows as insecure in web browsers.

Improve Data Security

When using an SSL certificate, data sent between your visitors and your website will be encrypted, this makes it a lot harder for hackers to perform "middle-man" style attacks, where they intercept data sent between you and your customers in order to steal information, or perform other malicious actions.

Better Search Engine Ranks

Since Google's update which notifies users of an "insecure website" when visiting over htpps (as opposed to the old method which notified them when a website was secure), having an SSL certificate has become one of the ranking factors. This means that a website being served over SSL is likely to perform better in the search engine rankings than one which does not have an SSL certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't want SSL on my website,
or would like to disable it for testing?

Don't worry, our Managed WordPress hosting control panel makes it quick and easy to enable or disable SSL on your website. Simply click the switch to turn SSL off and within a few seconds, our system will not only have changed the web server configuration to make sure all traffic is directed over http, it will also update all of the links on your website to use http. When you're ready to use https, simply turn the switch back on and it will change everything back.

How are you able to provide free SSL certificates?

We make use of the Letsencrypt CA (Certificate Authority) Letsencrypt has quickly become one of the largest most trusted certificate issuers in the world, and we have written our system to automatically provision these certificates for you, without you having to do anything at all. Certificates will be automatically renewed for you for as long as we host your website.

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