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What is a staging area, and why use one?

Our one staging platform allows you to take an instant snapshot of your website, and work on it without making changes to your live website. Using a staging area means that there's no risk to your website if a change you make causes errors. It's also excellent for building a new website to replace your current one!

Test updates before going live

With our one-click staging system, you can test new plugin and theme updates, or updates to the WordPress core files, without any risk to your live website.

Have you ever updated a plugin, only to find your website looks completely different, or worse yet, won't even load? Using a staging platform removes these risks, ensuring no downtime or oddities for your website visitors.

Build a completely new website

Building a new website whilst your current website is live can often mean having multiple hosting packages, and then there's the hassle of deploying the new site when ready.

Our staging platform allows you to build a completely new website without changing your live website. When you're ready to go live, there's no fiddly backing up and restoring, simply use the "copy staging to live" option in our Managed WordPress Hosting control panel, and your new website will be live in seconds! 

Allow Developer Access

It can often be scary giving a developer access to your live website - what if they break something? What if something goes wrong and you're left with a strange looking website for all of y our visitors to see?

Our staging platform removes all of these risks. Simply copy your live website to your staging area using our 1-click system, and then give your developer access to the staging site. If you're unhappy with changes they've made, you don't need to publish them. If the changes are what you wanted, all you need to do is click on the "Copy staging to live" button!

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