The Technology Behind WPOwl

100% Uptime SLA, 24/7/365 Live Support & Fast Cloud Servers

Live Monitoring & Health Checks

There is more to our custom built control panel than meets the eye. With a staff-only back end, our systems monitor every individual cloud hosting server at the service level and front end checks that your site is live. We check every individual website to ensure it is functioning correctly and available.

In the unlikely event that an issue occurs, our system attempts to heal itself, first trying to reboot the service, rebooting the server, and then alerting an admin if it cannot fix the issue itself. 99.98% of the time, these simple rules fix any issues before an admin can ever notice something is wrong!

If this simple process fails, our 24/7/365 Support team will snap into action and have your site back live in moments. 

WordPress with a 100% uptime SLA

Custom Developed Caching Profiles

Our WordPress Hosting caching is second to none, harnessing the power of NGINX's caching system and our custom developed nginx profiles, WordPress loads in the blink of an eye.

You can disable and enable our server-side caching at the click of a switch, so if you need to test some changes, or would like to serve an uncached version of your website, you can do so quickly and easily from within our Managed WordPress hosting control panel.

Using our advanced caching not only means that your server node will have a lot less work to do, it also means that your website will load in the blink of an eye!

Cloud Hosting Powered By DigitalOcean

We believe in reliability, and that is why we've chosen DigitalOcean as our cloud server hosting provider.

Each website we host is hosted on a cloud based server from DigitalOcean, with a diverse range of locations available, and automatic fail-over should a server cluster have issues, we know our business is in good hands. 

We have used DigitalOcean for almost a decade, we know their technology inside-out, and fully understand the technology they use, allowing us to get the best out of every single resource we are allocated.


Nginx - Faster Page Loading

Nginx (pronounced "engine ex") is our webserver of choice. With a low resource footprint as standard, coupled with our fully tailored configuration, Nginx offers blisteringly fast load speeds on all of our hosted WordPress websites.

With a custom caching configuration, and built in "expires" technology, we're confident that we've chosen the very best option for the job at hand. No other webserver comes close in our benchmark tests, with our Nginx stack outperforming the likes of Litespeed and Apache by a long way! Many high profile websites choose to use Nginx, with the likes of Dropbox, Airbnb and even Netflix choosing to use the technology, it's clear that it is not only fast, but also reliable.

The Latest Version Of PHP 7.3, And PHP 7.4 Beta

By Default, all of our packages come with the latest, fastest, most stable version of PHP (at time of writing, this is PHP 7.3). The PHP (Pre-Hypertext Processor) is the system that interprets WordPress' code and turns it into HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) for your web browser to read, and display your website.

We use the PHP-FPM (FastCGI Processor Manager) to tie in to our Nginx configurations, meaning your images and pages will be cached and loaded super fast.

Don't worry if your website is a little outdated and needs an older version of php, our PHP switcher lets you choose the PHP version that's right for you - switch seamlessly, with zero downtime.


MariaDB - Open Source MySQL

WordPress is a PHP and database driven content management system, and every database driven system requires a database server. WordPress uses MySQL by default, and we've carefully selected the latest version of MariaDB server to run your websites.

MariaDB server is a fast, reliable, open source database server, created by the original MySQL-Server team.

All of our servers run the latest stable version of MariaDB server, and new versions are tested for stability and reliability before being rolled out across our cloud platform.

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