What Is A Blog

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A blog, or weblog, is a website on the world wide web containing a blog post or a series of posts about a specific topic or topic that is of interest to the author. Blogs are hosted on a website hosting service, rather than a personal computer.

Blogging can be used for marketing, be it as a home blog or business blog, and can develop into something much better with a good reader base, sometimes forming new businesses and communities.

Regular updates with blogging

Blogging is a way to have a magazine-style website that allows a person to update regularly, as new pages and websites can take a long time to generate.

Blogging is one of the oldest social media forms; it is an online journal or diary related to your brand or industry or subject.

WordPress Blogs

WordPress is the most popular blogging system on the internet. WordPress enables you to quickly add blogs, pages and have users comment on them without any knowledge of PHP or HTML needed.

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Blogs are great for marketing

Many entrepreneurs see the marketing potential of a blog. Blogging is great for making sales, giving users information about the latest offers, or even to show adverts to generate revenue.

If you run a small local business and are not used to online marketing, Blogging is a great first step in giving visitors a great insight into your business.

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Blogging ideas

Some great ideas for new blog posts are: 

  • Behind the scenes look at a product manufacture
  • New products
  • The use of your products by clients and their testimonials
  • A closer look at certain features of your products, and their specific applications to help users get a better idea of why your product is better
  • The latest offers from your company
  • Case studies on new clients
  • Previous work examples 

Further uses for blogging

Blogging is not limited to, writing just blog posts. It is also a tool that allows you to connect with your audience and analyzing this connection to show what your audience cares about most by visitors, how many shares on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and allowing them to comment on posts.

Blogging regularly is good for SEO

Regular Blogging will help you improve the quality of your content and also enables you to rank for related terms, the more related content your website has, the better chance it has of ranking in search engines.

Adding blog posts increases the number of web pages on your site, which helps your SEO.

Unlike traditional websites, which provide information to visitors and encourage them to take concrete action, your blog content allows readers to post comments and questions on individual posts, as well as comments on other posts. Having a blog means that visitors can engage with you on blog posts as if they were on your main page. 

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