What Is A SQL Database?

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The Structured Query Language (SQL) is one of the most widely used database languages in the world. SQL is used to manage data found in a database, including data organized in tables.

SQL allows you to create, manage and manipulate the data contained in a database according to your needs and requirements.

Manage Data With Ease

With SQL, you can query, update, reorganize and update data, control access to database system data, and create and modify the scheme (structure) of databases in your system. 

SQL can not only create, but also remove existing components, change the properties of database objects, rename database tables, and delete data from those tables. SQL commands enable the creation of procedures that store information about the data of the database system such as data type, data structure, database object type and data types. 


Popular server-side scripting language PHP has inbuilt support for SQL databases such as MySQL and MariaDB (an open-source alternative to MySQL). PHP allows developers to connect and query a database using SQL to retrieve and store data.

Popular content management systems such as WordPress rely on SQL to provide back-end storage of pages, users, posts and comments, and without this common language it wouldn't be possible to create dynamic websites on the world wide web.

SQL and Performance

Whilst fetching small amounts of data from a database can be fast, when this workload is scaled, or the amount of data increases, the performance decreases.

It's important to look at both web caching, and clustered virtual private servers connected together to provide load balanced SQL servers to provide a  better user experience. We suggest checking out MariaDB Galera Cluster which we can provide on our managed UK WordPress hosting.

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MySQL And MSSQL Are Database Management Systems

A database management system is a program that allows the user to access, manipulate and display the data stored in the database. Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) is the best known - and has many types as it is. As the name suggests, RDBMS is one of the systems used to manage relational databases. 

At its most elementary level, SQL is a programming language for managing and querying relational databases, invented in the 1970s and mode popular by Oracle.

SQL Is A Global Language

One thing that is important to note is that SQL is not specific to a database system; many database systems use SQL. The most commonly used is MySQL, but there are a dozen different systems, including Microsoft SQL and Oracle, as well as lesser-known systems.

Many database products support SQL, but as a result, the various variants of SQL offered by vendors are not fully compatible. For example,  Microsoft offers so-called Transact SQL (T - SQL), while Oracle' extended version of the standard is PL SQL. 

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WPOwl - What is a SQL Database?WPOwl - What is a SQL Database?WPOwl - What is a SQL Database?