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Whether you've ever looked at hosting a website or app, there's no denying that the word cloud hosting pops up time and time again. Given the term 's popularity, you might not know exactly what's different about hosting your website on a cloud server.

Cloud hosting differs from traditional shared website hosting, where a site would be hosted on a single dedicated server, in a data centre.

Cloud Hosting Vs Shared Hosting

Often, traditional hosting is shared web hosting, which means more than one client, and sometimes upwards of 600 accounts can be on a single dedicated server. The downsides to traditional hosting are that hardware is a single point of failure. Take, for instance, a hard drive failure; this could take upwards of 600 accounts offline for over 6 hours restoring the data.

Cloud hosting runs your website on a virtual private server. Dedicated servers run Hypervisor services that allow the creation and management of virtual private servers. Hypervisors can be linked together and can span over multiple dedicated servers, and in some cases, multiple data centres. If a dedicated server's hardware dies, data and websites the server was running can be hot-swapped over to working hardware. Removing this point of failure provides better uptime for websites and also has some further benefits such as auto-scaling, were more servers can be added and removed as needed to handle peak times for website visitors.

Some of the most prominent cloud hosting companies are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), DigitalOcean, Cloud Foundry, Rackspace, VMware, IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Still, there are also a host of other players large and small. 

The most popular and widely used cloud computing service is AWS, the world's largest provider of cloud hosting services with more than 1.5 billion users. Microsoft Azure comes in second with GCP in forth.

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Types Of Cloud Hosting

Public Cloud

Public-facing service and network, data can be made public for viewership on websites. Public-facing cloud is the right choice for your web-store, company website and online services.

Private Cloud

With private cloud data is kept off the internet. Companies traditional workloads such as Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, Sage Accounting and more can be linked from data centres off-site via a virtual private network (VPN) which make the services available on your local office network. 

These services are not available publicly, and anyone not on the VPN cannot connect. VPN access can be provided to remote workers to access these services from outside of the works network.

Cloud Hosting can be complex

Cloud hosting can be complicated to set up, auto-scaling, monitoring and making sure that workloads are correctly set up means often, a cloud hosting expert is needed.

Choosing a management partner for cloud hosting is often needed, where a team monitor and manage your services on cloud providers. This management layer means less time monitoring and managing hardware and more time launching projects for clients.

Cloud WordPress Hosting

WPOwl offer managed cloud WordPress hosting following these principals. We do all the hard work of setting up and providing WordPress as a service; Software as a service (SaaS) managing all the complexity of cloud hosting for you.

While Cloud hosting can present several challenges, it's benefits outweigh the setup and configuration time needed, and many businesses have already moved all of their data and services into the cloud. 

Our WordPress dedicated hosting upgrades from the traditional Apache Web Server, using NGINX as a direct replacement for faster website loading and better web caching. We also use the latest version of PHP 7.3 and PHP 7.4 Beta for better performance of your WordPress site.

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