What Is cPanel?

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cPanel is control panel software for managing websites on shared web hosting. Many web hosting services choose cPanel as it's easy to install and maintain over time.

cPanel manages server software

cPanel manages the web servers software, such as Apache, MySQL, Exim (Mail Server), FTP and more for the web hosting company while also providing user and reseller account control.

Web interface for managing websites

It also gives users a web-based administrative control panel that allows users to manage their accounts, email accounts, FTP accounts, Database management and more. As a web-based administrative control panel, cPanel can help you manage basic settings of your website and manage files & databases over a web browser. 

When you need to access your hosting control panel, cPanel can be accessed by any device over the world wide web.

cPanel is easy to use

cPanel can also be used for a variety of other purposes, such as monitoring and performance tweaking of your website.

As a control panel solution, cPanel software can offer a more familiar interface for website management for all types of websites, including content management systems such as WordPress.

It provides you with all the tools you need to create and manage your website successfully with your preferred web browser. It ensures a user-friendly interface, equipped with a variety of tools to keep your site online and manage the settings and overall performance of the site. 

cPanel is a handy tool that you need to ensure that your web hosting experience is as comfortable as possible. 

Manage reseller hosting accounts

cPanel also provides reseller functionality, giving web design companies the ability to set up their accounts on the server, and specifying what disk space, bandwidth usage and even CPU and memory limits.

cPanel alternatives

There are many popular cPanel alternatives on the market. Plesk - the second most used control panel software can be used to manage accounts, servers and settings, so there is no need to install any other software unless you are planning a resale. It is cheaper than cPanel and easy to process, but not as resource intensive as cPanel. Plesk control panel works similarly to CPanel, except for some of its features, such as the ability to update automatically.

Other alternatives include DirectAdmin, hPanel, WebMin & ISPmanager, which all do similar functions to cPanel (often reduced capacity) but are often far cheaper.

cPanel disadvantages

Being so popular forces cPanel to manage many workloads, and often can cause slower performance. The structure of cPanel is tied to one dedicated physical server, and putting all workloads, for example, email, DNS, web server and FTP server all on one physical server can cause slowdowns.

cPanel can be tweaked to provide further performance gains, such as replacing Apache with NGINX but overall it is limited in the ability to change the software.

cPanel also has to be installed per server and managing a whole data centre of servers requires managing separate usernames and passwords for each server, with no overall management system. Services such as WHMCS which is owned by cPanel do provide additional functionality to fix this at a cost.

cPanel vs WPOwl's Control Panel

Where cPanel is bulky and a swiss army knife for all types of content management system hosting, and website hosting, our hosting is designed for WordPress.

We've replaced traditional slowdowns in cPanel by developing our systems to run on Virtual Private Servers with our custom software stack. We replace Apache with NGINX in our server software, and we also replace MySQL with MariaDB.  We also make sure to use the latest versions of PHP which at time of writing is PHP 7.3. Advanced web caching profiles also make your site lightning fast for better SEO performance.

Overall our control panel gives you:

  1. Better Performance
  2. Better Stability
  3. Better Uptime
  4. Better Security
  5. More Control
  6. Easier-to-use control panel without clutter.

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