What is dedicated website hosting

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In this post, we will compare shared web hosting and dedicated website hosting and help you work out what the best option is for you.

Choosing the right web hosting service is essential and can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. 

Shared Hosting provides a cheap entry-level option to host your website, but dedicated offers faster loading times, and a better service level.

Dedicated Website Hosting

If you have a lot of website traffic or your website uses a lot of server resources, opting for a dedicated hosting setup backed by an efficient management team can mean the difference between better search engine optimisation and a better conversion rate on sales.

Shared Website Hosting

If you don't need the computing power or only have a few visitors, you can save money by opting for shared web hosting. Shared website hosting often involves mechanical hard drives over SSD's, so make sure you know why are solid state drives important for web hosting. Shared website hosting is also offered as an oversold service - the resources of the dedicated servers are sold over capacity, as all your resources are often not used all the time, this helps lower the cost.

Dedicated WordPress Hosting

Once you have decided which type of Hosting is most suitable for your websites, WPOwl offers a range of Managed WordPress hosting.

Choosing a dedicated web hosting service provider offers a lot of advantages. A dedicated website hosting provider such as WPOwl provide faster website loading times, backed by a team of WordPress experts that save you both time and money.

Our web hosting includes support for WordPress, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and many more content management systems. 

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WPOwl - What is dedicated website hostingWPOwl - What is dedicated website hostingWPOwl - What is dedicated website hosting