What is the World Wide Web?

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At the heart of the internet is computer software that enables end-users to view specially formatted documents, usually written in the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). 

Each of these websites can be located on different servers, across different data centres. The term World Wide Web is used to refer to as all websites as a whole.

The History Of The World Wide Web

The world wide web was based on a proposal made by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 and was designed to exchange information on nuclear physics. The World Wide Web, or the Internet as we know it, was first introduced on 12 March 1989.

The idea of creating a global hypertext system came when Berners-Lee was interested in the idea of linking words and text to jump between other text documents. The system would allow individuals to link their documents and create a network of interconnected documents, and it all began as a project at the European Particle Physics Laboratory, known as CERN.

Lee proposed a document called the "Information Management Proposal," which detailed the creation of a small piece called "The World Wide Web."

In 1991, people outside CERN were invited to join the new web community, and by the end of 1990, the first web pages were served on the "open internet."

Tim has also written several books, including the book "Web of Knowledge" and "The Web of Science."

Twenty years later, the World Wide Web has made the technology user-friendly and accessible to the public. Many Web sites from the early days of the Internet have gone dark, but the first ones are still alive.

How To Launch A Website

Websites have separate addresses, called domains which are typed into the address bar to access different websites.Each type of address is unique, and these addresses are used to identify resources on the web.

When you have purchased a domain name, you will need a web hosting service such as our UK Managed WordPress Hosting, and a content management system such as WordPress will help speed up development of website building.

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What is the World Wide WebWhat is the World Wide WebWhat is the World Wide Web