What Is WooCommerce

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In this post, we cover what WooCommerce is, what it can do and why you should use it. To use this plugin to your advantage, you need to be familiar with WordPress.

WooCommerce is a free and open plugin for WordPress, a popular online content management system (CMS) that makes building web stores fast and easy. It turns your WordPress site into a fully functional e-commerce site in just a few clicks.

If you already have a WordPress website, you can sell your services/products and take payments in just a few clicks.

According to statistics on the official WooCommerce website, Woocommerce has had over 42 million downloads, WooCommerce is behind 28% of all online shops.

Since it is an open-source plugin, you can customise any aspect of it and create custom extensions for it.

E-Commerce WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce is a fully functional e-commerce platform that adds all the components of an online store to your business website. Once installed, you can add it to the WordPress dashboard of your site to manage all aspects of the site, such as adding products, handling sales, accepting payments and much more.

WooCommerce can be customised and set up with its easy-to-use interface, and no knowledge of website development is required.

WooCommerce also provides tools to optimise for search engines and manage the operations of your store online from one single place.

WooCommerce is an excellent choice for companies and individuals who want to launch their online store, whether they build it from scratch or use an existing WordPress site or blog. Advanced users can also work with the source code to better control functions and appearance.

Several free e-commerce plugins are equipped with all the tools and features you need to get started, but we recommend seeking a few cheap plugins to extend the base functionality to get the best out of WooCommerce.

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History Of WooCommerce

The WooCommerce plugin was first introduced in 2011 and quickly developed into a popular method for creating an online shop. It was acquired by Automattic in 2012, making it the first officially supported WordPress e-commerce plugin.

With the rise of WordPress, e-commerce sales have boomed in recent years, with more than $1.5 billion in annual sales powered by WordPress & WooCommerce.

WooThemes, the founder of WooCommerce, operates several paid extensions for customising your online store. The first, free solution - Woo-commerce Core - provides all the features you need to manage basic e-commerce operations.

Why choose WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that is used by millions of users around the world to build their online stores. Basically, by using WooCommerce, you can choose any WordPress theme for your online store and launch it. It is available both for your self-hosted WordPress sites as well as commercial sites, and it is the most popular plugin in the WordPress community for online commerce.

WooCommerce essentially simplifies the process of selling online, products or services (whatever they may be) on a WordPress-powered website.

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