Why Are Solid State Drives Important For Web Hosting

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In modern times, your website must load as fast as possible so that your conversion rate is higher. Studies have shown 47% of customers expect a website to load in under 2 seconds.

Webpages that loaded in under 2 seconds had a 1.9% conversion rate.
Webpages that take over 3 seconds to load have a conversion rate of just 1.5%

It's important to understand what type of hard drive web hosting service offers and which is better, SSD or hard drive. Although both are a viable way to store files, the SSD hosting has significant advantages over the HDD hosting.

What is a Solid State Hard Drive

Solid-state hard drives (SSD) are a new generation of hard-drives. SSDs replace mechanical based hard disks and have no moving parts, utilising flash-based memory. SSD's offer significantly faster read and write speeds, allowing faster access to data.

Why choose a hosting company that uses SSD's

Choosing a hosting company that offers an SSD is a smart choice for anyone interested in fast loading times of their website, especially when tracking conversion is set up to help measure sales on your site. 

Many hosting companies offer HDD-based shared hosting options at a lower cost. Often these services are oversold and often leads to slower website loading times and can even cause sites to go offline.

It is especially important to ensure that your web hosting plan includes SSD storage for these reasons.

If you have noticed your WordPress website dashboard is slow, or takes a long time to respond, this can often be a sign you are on a mechanical hard drive and should seek out a better Managed WordPress hosting service.

The main advantage of SSD hosting is faster site speeds as long as there is no external bottleneck such as slow Internet speeds. Because the drives can deliver data faster, loading your website from a hard drive will be faster as well as handling multiple page loads without causing a bottleneck.

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Using more than one SSD with load balancing

By using load balancing to share the loading of your WordPress website over multiple servers with SSD's, you can improve the loading of your website even further.

Load balancing spreads your website visitors over multiple servers in parallel, making sure every visitor gets a fast webpage served to them. If a server is at capacity or has a failure, website traffic is then routed to other servers.

Where Mechanical Hard Drives Are Better

When SSDs were introduced to the consumer market in 2009, they were significantly more expensive compared to hard drives with the same storage capacity. This price is changing, but users who need large amounts of storage may find mechanical hard drives cheaper, although this price point is getting better every day.

Websites that consist mainly of static HTML pages that do not rely heavily on server resources may not notice significant differences between disk plans and SSD plans. 

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