How to Add a New User in WordPress

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Creating a new user on your WordPress website takes no more than a couple of minutes, and is done by way of a simple form.

To access the add user form, simply log in to your WordPress admin area, then navigate to "Users->Add New"

You will then be shown the short, easy to understand form - as you'll see, some items are required, whilst others aren't. We'll go over each form input briefly.

  • Username: As you can see, this is required, and is the username that will be shown on the user's profile, on any posts they make, and can also be used to log in to the website.
  • Email: Again, another required field - this should be a valid email address which the user can be reached on, it can be used on the login form, and will also receive password reset requests should they forget their password.
  • First Name: Fairly self explanitory, this is where you enter the user's first name. This field is optional, so can be left blank if you wish.
  • Last Name: This is where you would enter the user's surname/last name, again, this field is optional and can be left blank if preferred.
  • Website: If the user has a website, you may wish to enter it here. As this field isn't required, you can choose to leave it blank even if they do have a website.
  • Password: You'll notice this one is slightly different, and is shown as a button. Clicking on the "Show Password" button will show a secure, randomly generated password which will be assigned to the new user account. You can change the random string to anything you like, although it is strongly recommended that you ensure it is classed as "strong".
  • Send User Notification: A small checkbox, if this is ticked when you click on the "Add New User" button, the new user will be notified by email. If you uncheck the box prior to clicking the button, they will not receive an email notification.
  • Role: This is where you select the role for the new user. The default list of roles is; Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor, Administrator. The default role on your website will be set to Subscriber as standard.

Once you've filled out the form, click the "Add New User" button and the new user will be created.


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How to Add a New User in WordPress | WPOwlHow to Add a New User in WordPress | WPOwlHow to Add a New User in WordPress | WPOwl